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we are proud to be the exclusive distributor of adrienne jennings design products in germany, austria and switzerland.

each AEJ lamp is individually handcrafted. the panels of each lampshade are original fine art quality black and white photographic prints allowing the brilliance of the images to come through. the images are printed on a specially developed photo vellum, which prevents fading by the illumination and the sunlight. the slim and simple bases are made from stainless steel and together with the shades, create a unique, beautiful and elegant lamp.

there are various different types of printed fine art quality lamp shades to choose from, most of which are shown on the following pages. you can choose among

- small table lamps (48 to 54 cm/60 watt)
- large desk lamps (62 to 69 cm/100W)
- small telescopic floor lamps (112 - 164 cm/60W)
- large telescopic floor lamps (112 - 164 cm/100W)

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            model shown: small table lamp, original shade, image "canoes"
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